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Stone One A-175
08 Jun 2013 4030 View
Dragon  Stone One A-175
Good fruit set ability with uniform size, tolerant to diseases
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Rocky 375
09 Nov 2017 5786 View
Dragon  Rocky 375
Big fruit, long shelf life
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Rocky 475
09 Nov 2017 8440 View
Dragon  Rocky 475
Vigorous plant, good fruit setting, tolerant to transportation
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Advance Dragon A-122
09 Nov 2017 3484 View
Dragon  Advance Dragon A-122
Large fruit with thtick rind, long shelf life
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Golden Dragon
18 Dec 2010 3053 View
Yard long bean  Golden Dragon
Thick flesh and tasty, tolerant to diseases
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Green Dragon 9
18 Dec 2010 3049 View
Yard long bean  Green Dragon 9
Prolific, windly adapted variety
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Advance New Dragon A-117
02 Jul 2013 3764 View
Dragon  Advance New Dragon A-117
Vigorous plant, high yield, tolerant to transportation, long shelf life
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Malaysia  A-122
11 Mar 2013 2622 View
Dragon  Malaysia A-122
Vigorous variety, medium maturing, vigorous plant have thick and width leaves, strong disease resistance, long shelf life,
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09 Nov 2017 2706 View
Dragon  Sofia
Big fruit, firm flesh and thin rind
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ตระกูลแตงโม Watermelon
Product ตระกูลแตงโม Watermelon
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