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Victory Orange
17 Dec 2010 2823 View
Marigold  Victory Orange
Tall and vigorous plant habit if hybrid mariglod produce 8-10 cm diameter with orange color flower, plant height 70-100 cm, first flowering 58-62 DAS
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Super Gold
17 Dec 2010 2988 View
Marigold  Super Gold
Compact plant habit of hybrid marigold produce 7-9 cm diameter with yellow flower, plant height 30-35 cm, first flowering 54-58 DAS
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French Marigold MAR-501
17 Dec 2010 2572 View
Marigold  French Marigold MAR-501
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French Marigold MAR-601
17 Dec 2010 2669 View
Marigold  French Marigold MAR-601
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Thong Thai
02 Nov 2012 1680 View
Marigold  Thong Thai
Golden yellow Flower.
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02 Nov 2012 1605 View
Marigold  Vasana
Tall plant which produce prolific flower,Orange Plant Height 70-100 Cm.
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